<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Belvoir St Theatre – 28th May 2018</span>

Jaye Vernon

Agency3 Partner – Data and Analytics.

After starting at MiQ in 2016 in the programmatic Trading team, Jaye quickly learned the necessary skills to ensure that our client’s digital media investment was executed as efficiently as possible. A key focus here is to help our clients go beyond their KPI and connect the digital media investment to real business outcomes. He began working across a range of clients; from top tier, holding group agencies, to the agile independent agencies, and client direct relationships. This further developed as Jaye became the sole trader responsible for all programmatic campaigns across SEA.

Now also working as a partner with Agency3 Jaye brings to every client brief, valuable insights data smarts and analytics to ensure every project and campaign is optimised to help grow that brands presence within the marketplace.