<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Belvoir St Theatre – 28th May 2018</span>

Barry Mayo

Barry Mayo has been a director of House of Travel Holdings Limited in New Zealand since January 2007, the chairman of TravelManagers Australia since December 2007 and a director of CT Partners since 2010.

Barry has had in excess of 50 years in the travel and aviation industries with a career spanning six airlines, the start-up of a tour wholesaling business, managing director of an international tour operator and the managing director of a retail travel Franchise Company operating in nine countries.

Barry is a past chairman of IATA’s Australian Travel Agency Program, a past member of the Board of Airline Representatives for Australia, a past President of The Australian Chapter of the American Society of Travel Agents, a past director of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents and a past member of the Royal Institute of Transport in Australia.

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