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Good things happen when you narrow your focus
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Kim Portrate

Under Kim Portrate’s leadership, ThinkTV has become a fresh, positive and passionate presence in the Australian marketing and advertising community in its first two years.

The evidence-led marketing, research and technology development company aims to de-mystify how media works to assist marketers and their agency partners to choose the most effective platform for their brands and businesses.

The Benchmark Series and Payback Australia research series commissioned by ThinkTV have armed advertisers with much-wanted evidence of TV’s superior viewability and return-on-investment. And through consistent and imaginative marketing, media relations and outreach work – all done with ThinkTVs distinct tone of voice – the organisation has fast become a go-to destination for fact-based evidence on media effectiveness.

Kim started ThinkTV with more than two decades’ experience in the packaged goods, telco, finance and tourism industries and has worked in creative agencies and media agencies in the US and Australia.

With more than 25 years’ experience Kim has led marketing projects and departments for companies as diverse as Unilever, Pepsi Cola, Optus, AMP and Tourism Australia.

In 2015, Kim was recognised as one of the top 15 marketing officers in Australia by CMO magazine and joined the AdLand Power 50 in both 2016 and 2017.