In breaking news, we have zero faith that Sir Richard Branson will speak at Travel DAZE in 2017.

The travel industry’s biggest name, Sir Branson, is probably not going to attend Travel DAZE in September due to his busy schedule and exorbitant speaking fee (which in fairness, all proceeds of which go toward his foundation), and wouldn’t accept our offer of a half-priced subscription to Travel Weekly Magazine, 2 strong tea’s and a pint of Gelato Messina.

Instead attendees will be treated to talks, insight, intellect and gentle hilarity from a host of other unobtainable speakers and organisations such as Ingogo, Perofmics, Misfits Media and a whole bunch of other smarty pants.

The one-day conference, which will be held at the Belvoir Street Theatre in Surry Hills on September 25 2017, will clebrate “A Festival of Failure” with key themes including the the values of service in travel; the ever-evolving demands of customer experience in store and out of store; mobile and all things phoney; marketing insight for every business and every role within a business; and creativity in travel.

We are also pleased to confirm an exclusive appearance of a live gorilla who can tell the time.

With only 100 Earlybird tickets on sale, there’s limited availability to brown nose the boss with your fantastic discount. For more information and to buy tickets, visit Visit

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