Travel DAZE 2016 has come and gone, and while we might have been nursing some sore heads the morning after, it was all worth it. You know why? Because we’re all one step closer to surviving the travel apocalypse.

The industry as we know it won’t stay that way for long. Things are changing everyday and it’s up to us to keep you afloat and making some big waves.

A record number of more than 240 delegates, sponsors and speakers crowded inside Belvoir St Theatre in Surry Hills to catch all the futuristic advice and wisdom, including Minister for Tourism, Senator Richard Colbeck, TRIBE’s Jules Lund, and a stack of smart folk from our travel industry and beyond.

So if you were at Travel DAZE (and want to see some sneaky snaps), or you missed it and want all the juicy gossip, we’ve got it right here.

Easy peasy!

What did the Tourism Minster think? Find out here. And here.

Why you’re an idiot if you put your product first?

Is all travel PR dreadful? Looks like it.

Wifi more important than sex, apparently.

Why do we travel, according to Google.

What about hot tips from Penny Spencer on becoming a magnate?

Not to mention the hysterical caricatures drawn on the day.

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more where all this came from, in articles over the next week, photo galleries galore, and of course, the next installment of the riveting Travel DAZE experience. ‘Til then.

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